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School Safety

As a mother of two, I send my heart to school every day.  Having this trust in our schools as a parent and as a board member is dependent on 3 key areas 

  • Facilities designed with safety as a focus
  • Ensuring every student is seen and heard
  • Culture of pride & respect

Financial Responsibility

As a Board Member, I leverage my Business Analyst experience to analyze the school finances and ensure we are spending funds with appropriate oversight.  Schools need to be appropriately funded.  Currently, Nelson County is in the bottom 5% in the state for state and federal funding.   

  • I take careful consideration in Property Tax decisions
  • I am connecting with state representatives to advocate for review of the state funding formulas


Equal Access & Opportunity

As a member of the school board, I want to ensure that every student has equal educational access & opportunities regardless of your zip code. 

  • School Curriculums focused to meet the needs of our students in this ever changing world
  • Full day 3 & 4 year old Pre-school programs available at a cost effective rate and convenient locations such as Bloomfield, New Haven & Boston. 

Transition to Adult Life

To prepare for the future of our community, we need programs that enable our students to learn and experience the different career paths that are open to them. 

  • Expand the opportunities available at the Up Center
  • Give our students a head start on their college career by providing affordable credit options 

Teacher Pay & Retention

As a Board Member, I have approved a raise for our teachers this year.   We need to continue to support our teachers by: 

  • Finding additional opportunities to increase salaries
  • Provide more opportunity for them to collaborate with their peers
  • Collect data when we receive resignations to understand underlying reasons and work to address any issues. 

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